Commercial Concrete Polishing Contractors Oakland County, Mi.

Commercial Concrete Polishing Contractors Oakland County, Mi.

Polishing Concrete Floors is the greatest flooring solution when considering the costs of keeping your floors clean, and the right contractor can make those dull gray floors look like a work of art. With benefits like long lasting durability, extremely low maintenance and increased reflectivity, polished concrete is the right choice for any application.Polishing concrete and using densifiers will actually harden the surface of your concrete floor, making it denser and much more resistant to spills and stains; meaning there is no need for other over the counter coatings and sealers. Polished concrete eliminates the need to continually replace your flooring. Don’t cover your concrete with other flooring materials, just to rip it out and replace it every few years, polish it and enjoy the many environmentally friendly aspects of your new polished concrete floor. On average, 10,000 SF of VCT can cost $5,000 in yearly stripping and waxing, this is why Concrete Polishing will give you the best bang for your flooring dollar, and it doesn’t cost anything for a free estimate and analysis.

Polished concrete`s superior durability and performance have made it a top finish for retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, and municipalities. Homeowners, as well, are selecting these smooth, high-luster floors that imitate the look of polished stone. Polished concrete floors are very economical. Unlike many other floor surface materials, a polished concrete floor can last up to ten years or longer before it needs to be refinished. Maintenance on a polished floor is also minimal, thereby reducing costs associated with keeping floors clean, durable, and traffic-friendly.

Polished concrete floors are striking in appearance. The exposure of the aggregate in the concrete unveils a look of stone. There are a variety of colors available on the market to stain or in some other way modify the color and look of the polished floor. There are also various levels of sheen depending on the degree of reflectivity and shine that is desired.

We offer polished concrete applications for Industrial, Commercial and Residential floors.


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